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Beautiful Persian Soumak Wool and Silk on Cotton Rug. Handmade wool and silk on cotton Persian rug, cleaned and in excellent condition. 

SoCal Rug masters have a broad selection of Oriental & Persian (as well as Afghan and Turkish) Soumak rugs. Soumak is an Oriental rug, a type of flat weave (tapestry style rug), similar to a kilim, but with a stronger and thicker weave and unlike rugs they do not have a pile at all. It has a smooth front surface and a ragged back, therefore Soumak area rugs are rarely reversible (unlike kilims which are smooth on both sides). Soumak indeed is a technique rather than a place of orgin. The technique originates from the rug making centers of the Caucasus, is also found though in regions of Anatolia in Turkeym Afghanistan and Persia. The designs of the Soumak rug vary. Soumak weavers used historical symbols and geometric patterns and include birds and other native animals in their weaving – sometimes they displayed Persian garden motifs to medallion motifs to palatial designs.


Soumak Shiraz Rug, Silk Rug

SKU: 2028
  • 48" x 76"


    6'3" x 4'

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