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We at SoCal Rug Masters understand that you do not want to leave the restoration and repair of your family heirloom and your rugs of high sentimental value to just anyone who will provide you with mediocre service. Finding specialty San Bernardino rug cleaning and specialty San Bernardino carpet cleaning is always difficult. Trust our experts at SoCal Rug Masters to properly restore and repair your rugs. We specialize in all types of rug repairs, and carpet repair either by hand or machine.

We offer the most extensive range of rug treatment services: We expertly perform rug cleaning, rug re-dying, rug repair, and rug maintenance and provide a broad
rug padding selection. We offer specialty rug cleaning services, area rug dusting, mold inspection, water removal, and rug appraisals. We offer carpet cleaning in San Bernardino.

San Bernardino Carpet Cleaning

We offer specialty rug cleaning services, area rug dusting, mold inspection, water removal, and rug appraisals for a variety of antique and traditional rugs 

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  • Turkish rug cleaning and repair near me

  • Tribal rug cleaning and repair near me

  • Antique Tibetan rug cleaning and repair

  • Chinese needlepoint rug cleaning and repair

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as well as modern area rugs (e.g. Shag rugs, Viscose rugs). Now, SoCal Rug Masters offers their quality workmanship, experience, and extensive knowledge of rug cleaning and rug repair not only to our customers in Orange County but also to residents of Riverside County carpet cleaning and San Bernardino Carpet Cleaning.
If you are looking to get your antique Persian rug cleaned, and need experienced Persian rug cleaners, or have a modern area rug and need rug care today, you found the best rug cleaners in San Bernardino – SoCal Rug Masters. Call us at 949-522-1212.

socalrugmaster rug restoration
SoCal Rug Masters Rug Gallery

From Orange county to
de County/ San Bernardino:
Expanding with customer satisfaction and loyalty

SoCal Rug Masters offers Persian and Oriental area rug /carpet cleaning and repair, as well as modern area rug cleaning & repair in San Bernardino, Riverside County.

Our business history for Persian rug cleaning and repair started in Orange county. The work we provide to our customers speaks for itself: Our experienced rug experts know the right cleaning and repair method for each respective rug (one tool does not fit all when it comes to rug cleaning and restoration).

San Bernardino Carpet Cleaning Location
Having our company headquarters in Orange County, we are getting more and more requests from Riverside County customers who have found us on social media, Google, or Yelp and read about our highly satisfied customers in Orange County and their positive experience with our Persian rug cleaning and Oriental rug cleaning & rug repair services. In order to facilitate business with our customers in San Bernardino and devote more time and services to all of them, we want to offer our Persian and Oriental rug cleaning and repair services to them (Riverside County residents) adding a drop-off and pick-up location in Riverside County. 

We will roll the cleaned and repaired area rugs up and have your rugs ready for you for pick-up or delivery. (We will pick up, dust, wash, repair, and return your rug in a timely fashion). Have you just typed one of the following sentences as a search in Google:

  • Where to get my dirty Persian rug cleaned?

  • San Bernardino Carpet Cleaning

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Then call us at 949-522-1212 for a free consultation today. Keep in mind, when it comes to the best rug and carpet cleaning in Riverside, SoCal Rug Masters is your best choice.

Oriental Rug hand wash and hand repair in San Bernardino

Persian and Oriental rugs must be cleaned about every 2 to 3 years to remove stains, prevent moth damage and promote even wear and further color maturity. Our experts for Persian and Oriental rugs take a unique approach to rug cleaning, repair and restoration. We combine hand washing with modern-day equipment, to achieve optimum results for our customers. Every rug is washed, and restored by hand, in the same manner as the traditional oriental rug was made and cared for. At SoCal Rug Masters, our experts clean and repair your Oriental and Persian rugs to preserve each rug’s unique fibers and still accentuate its beautiful features. Your Oriental rugs are delicate, valuable and meaningful timepieces, and we believe that it is essential to take enough time for cleaning and handwashing them to achieve the best results possible.

We treat each rug in our state-of-the-art wash facility, which is fully equipped with everything from a duster, centrifuge, and temperature-controlled drying room. Our skilled craftmen know the proper cleaning techniques for even the most delicate rugs and utilize a custom method for each rug depending upon the construction of the Oriental rug and its fibers.

Clean & Healthy
At SoCal Rug Masters our goal is the following:  Provide you with a clean and healthy interior of your home. Our hope is that you become a life-long, satisfied client we can serve in the best manner possible. 

Oriental & Persian
rug cleaning San Bernardino

Whether you have a new age area rug from Nepal, or an antique Persian Kerman, we have the right expertise and methods to properly clean, and repair, your most elegant floor piece of any material. We are able to clean all types of fibers:

  • Wool area rugs

  • Silk area rugs 

  • Braided area rugs

  • Needlepoint carpets

  • Viscose area rugs

  • Bamboo Silk area rugs

  • Cotton area rugs

  • Felt area rugs

  • Jute area rugs

  • Sisal area rugs

  • Cowhides and Sheepskin area rugs


Based on your Oriental rug’ s age, fiber, material and weave we are using a safe combination of sophisticated old hand washing techniques and washing with our specialized equipment. During this treatment your antique rug will be gently cleaned and soils will be removed in order to renew its appearance and rejuvenate its viability. For all cleaning treatments our rug cleaning experts are using methods to ensure dye stability and prevent any kind of harmful dye transfer. 

Quality & Experience

We set the bar high combining our experience in rug restoration with our chemistry acumen to provide the highest level of cleaning services. At our SoCal Rug Masters rug spa facilities, we solely use high-quality cleaning supplies and treatments which are safe for you and your loved ones:

  • Non-toxic allergen free wash with filtered water

  • Rugs fully rinsed out / no residue in fiber

  • (Pet) Odor removal (e.g., Decontamination of urine-soaked areas)

  • Disinfecting bacteria (Disinfection and sanitization) 

  • Moth disinfection, removal, and prevention.

  • Mold and mildew removal

Oriental RugCleaning
Rug Repair &
Rug Restoration San Bernardino

We not only provide our customers in Riverside with Oriental and Persian rug cleaning but professional restoration. Antique Oriental and Persian Rugs tend to get worn or damaged through everyday use and repairs may be needed. Insensitive restoration can adversely affect the value of your heirloom or cause your valuable rug to lose its intrinsic character, so we specialize in preserving the value of your investment.

If you notice some sort of damage occurred to your rug, our craftsman team will be glad to repair your rug to its original condition. Our Artisans know that every rug is a unique piece of art which we aim to preserve. We deploy high-quality materials in combination with in-depth knowledge of colors, textures, and composition for restoring your area rug.

socalrugmaster rug restoration

Our experts specialize in:

Unlike other providers who come to your home for a quick and surface based in situ cleaning, we provide a deep cleaning which involves several time-consuming steps. We submerge your area rug in pool of water based in our cleaning facility to clean each single fiber and remove dirt, debris and dust which could affect your health.

  • Antique rug restoration

  • Resorting rips and cuts
  • Hand-binding /surging (Shiraze) for sidecords and edges

  • Tape and wide binding replacement

  • Fringe repair/replacement/securing.

  • Damages caused by pets (dogs chew, cat scratches).

  • Carpet Cleaning San Bernardino

  • Mothproofing & Moth damage restoration

  • Resizing (Size alterations and cut downs)

  • Over-casting

  • Over-rounding

  • Re-weaving (e.g., reweaving hole of all types of rugs)

  • Blocking & stretching

  • Re-knotting

  • San Bernardino Carpet Cleaning

kourosh socal rugmasters pickup and delivery van

Rug Pick-up&
Rug Delivery

Please call us at (949) 522-1212 for a Persian and Oriental rug cleaning, rug repair and restoration services. We serve the following locations:

f you are looking for experienced Oriental, Persian, Modern area rug & carpet cleaning, hand restoration (e.g., rug reweaving) company, SoCal Rug Masters is the right place.

Indeed, for all the following queries you use on Google or on Alexa, we can help you immediately with our expertise and business acumen. 

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  • Redlands

  • Ontario

  • Rancho Cucamonga

  • Temecula

  • Fontana

  • Moreno Valley

  • Murrieta

  • Riverside

  • Rialto

  • Upland

  • San Bernardino

  • Chino Hills

  • Chino

  • Colton

  • Beaumont

  • Grand Terrace

  • San Bernardino Carpet Cleaning

  • Yucaipa

  • Menifee

  • Pomona

  • Perris

  • Montclair

  • Jurupa Valley

  • Wildomar

  • Eastvale

  • Canyon Lake

  • Banning

  • Barstow

  • Adelanto

  • Calimesa

  • Cathedral City

  • Lucerne Valley

  • Carpet Cleaning San Bernardino

100% guarantee

It is vital when getting your rugs cleaned, that you choose a suitably experienced, trained and qualified company to ensure that your rug is cleaned correctly.

We’ve cleaned thousands of rugs over the years.

We take enormous pride in the results and service that we deliver to our customers and we back this up by offering you a 100% guarantee for our work:
We are a family company employing experienced and professional craftmen only and will take care of your family heirloom as if it was our own. 

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949 522 1212

We operate from five fully-equipped physical locations, and we’re able to provide our unbeatable rug cleaning service throughout the Orange Country and LA region

Serving Multiple Areas

Southern California, Orange County, Los Angeles County, San Bernardino County, Riverside County.

Experienced and highly knowledgeable company. 3 carpets were cleaned and repaired beautifully. Excellent and timely service. I could not be more pleased. Amazing work!! Thank you!!


I had 2 of my Persian rugs cleaned and cared for here and they did a fantastic job for very good price. I highly recommend them purely on how they professionally cleaned and care for both rugs in a timely manner.

Bijan E.

...very easy to work with and had great customer service. He repaired and cleaned my Persian rug side cord and fringe better than the original. The cleaning came out great and brightened the colors without any dye bleed. I will bring my other rugs here after having tried it this time. Highly recommended rug cleaning and repair for OC area

Nima T.

What our customers say

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