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Step 7 of 10: Drying Your Rug

After cleaning the Oriental & Persian rugs and removing excess water, the rugs are placed in a special room to dry.There are many methods of drying a rug. Our first step is to extract the front and back of your rug using a powerful carpet cleaning extraction machine and wand.

Depending on the size and type of your area rug, we roll-up the rug and insert it into a powerful centrifuge where the rug will be whirled up to 1400 RPM and the remaining water and moisture will be extracted up to 95%.


We then attach a water claw that removes most of the remaining moisture, before either hanging your rug carefully in a temperature-controlled room with dehumidifiers or laying it on a drying table with turbo dryers and vents. Using the natural solar light, we finalize the drying process by exposing the rug to the beautiful California sunshine where it removes any potential odor.

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