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  • Where can I get proper Oriental / Persian rug cleaning, rug repair, and restoration?
    At SoCal Rug Masters, we offer rug cleaning, rug repair and restoration in our locations throughout Orange County (SoCal Rug Masters Santa Ana, Irvine and Laguna Niguel) as well as in San Diego, Riverside and in Los Angeles. As we received a high number of requests for Persian rug cleaning from Los Angeles customers, we recently extended our business and are providing a pickup service in Los Angeles County.
  • How long does it take to get my Oriental/ Persian area rug hand-washed and cleaned?
    The time frame for antique area rug cleaning and rug hand-wash depends on what needs to be done. Generally, if no additional services are needed, we have a 7 to 10 days turnaround time.
  • How often do I need my antique Oriental / Persian area rugs to be cleaned and hand-washed?
    Your area rug should be cleaned every two to three years depending on how much foot traffic it receives. This continuous cleaning is not only recommended because of stains which might occur, but the amount of dust that a rug collects over time and is not visible to our eyes. We recommend deep cleaning for your valuable area rugs every two to three years in order to recondition its fibers and its foundation.
  • How do I get the rugs to SoCal Rug Masters in Orange County, Riverside County, LA County and San Diego County for cleaning?
    At SoCal Rug Masters we offer both a drop-off, and a rug pick-up & delivery service for the rugs which are scheduled to be cleaned, repaired, and restored. Contact our experts today through phone (949-522-1212) or through website ( to schedule a drop-off or a pick-up & delivery for your antique area rug.
  • What if my rug has stains and needs professional spot cleaning?
    One of the most obvious signs that an area rug should be cleaned is that they have pet stain or food stain spots. There is a variety of articles on blogs and forums which explain how you can clean Oriental & Persian area rugs, shag rugs, Kilims, etc. However, we recommend you to leave stain-removal work to the professional rug cleaning masters to prevent further damage to fiber and foundation. Unfortunately, most people approach us after damaging the foundation of their rugs by following an article recommendation on how to clean spots. Prevent this problem by calling us today (949-5221212) and schedule a rug cleaning with us.
  • How do rugs get cleaned? What goes into a rug cleaning process?
    There are several factors which affect how your rug will be cleaned, including size, origin, weave techniques, fiber content, age and dyes. In our initial visit at your home or at our cleaning spa we thoroughly inspect your Oriental & Persian (e.g., Kerman, Tabriz, Kashan, Sarouk, Heriz, Esfahan), Chinese or Tibetan rug, then we carefully analyze the fibers the rug is constructed from and test the rug for color fastness of dyes. After the initial inspection our rug cleaning experts will pick the most appropriate method to clean the rug at hand.
  • Can I get rug fringes / rug edges / sidecords repaired? Why do those damages occur?
    Yes, absolutely. Getting fringe damages and sidecord damages repaired as quickly as possible is of utmost necessity to preserve your antique treasures: Hand-knotted Oriental rugs have a foundation which is kept together by wefts and warps which in turn get secured at the outer ends of the rug by the sidecord and the fringes. Keeping the fringes and sidecords intact is relevant, because they will prevent the rug from unravelling. Despite the durability of antique Oriental & Persian rugs, they will show wear and tear over time. In other cases such as, fringe damages, sidecord damages caused by pets, furniture tear damage, they also need to be controlled and repaired before the damaged area extends into the actual rugs’ design. In both depicted cases your valuable antique rug can be repaired and restored by our SoCal Rug Masters craftsmen.
  • How to clean Turkish area rugs / kilims
    The cleaning process for Turkish area rugs and kilims is similar to rug cleaning of rugs with piles. Kilims ar flatweaves and need to be washed from both sides in a more gentle and careful manner as they are more delicate than thicker rugs with a pile.
  • How to hang a rug on the wall? how to hang a tapestry on the wall?
    Our customers ask us about rug hanging systems and for consultation on how to hang a rug as a wall art. There are different options to hang a valuable rug on the wall and this is our approach to make your antique Persian&Oriental area rug a counterpiece for your home. At SoCal Rug Masters we sew a sleeve made out of cotton on the backside of the rug, so the customer can use a wooden rod inserted into the sleeve the hang it on the wall (e.g., curtain circles) or hooks. The picture displays an antique, very valuable Persian silk rug which is hanging now on the wall of our customer. Only experts can do this sewing the right away without damaging the delicate rug.

Frequently Asked Questions

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