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Can antique Oriental & Persian area rugs be rewoven?

Rug cleaning and repair companies offer Reweaving / Refilling / Pile repair / Re-piling of Oriental & Persian and modern state-of-the-art area rugs as a service to their customers. Now, one can be curious how the piles of those finely knotted rugs can be damaged and require a reweaving by professional rug experts:

The piles of Oriental & Persian area rugs, vintage rugs as well as modern rugs can unravel and be damaged for several reasons such as the following ones:

  1. Rug piles can unravel if any damage to the ends (fringes) and sides (sidecords / bindings) aren’t promptly repaired and corrected. The more the piles unravel the more likely it is that the damage to the area rug may become irreversible.

  2. Pile damage doesn’t have to necessarily start at the fringes or sides. Wear and tear can also cause the rug pile to become low over time (e.g., high-traffic on rugs can cause compression). A low pile can not only make the antique / vintage area rug look unhealthy but with continued lessening of the pile, cause the foundation of the rug to get exposed.