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How can you maintain the longevity of your antique Oriental / Persian / Chinese rug

Let us start explaining how the wear and tear happens:

Rug Repair and Rug Restoration
Vintage Persian Rug Fringe Damage

The debris and abrasive dirt that we leave on the rugs by walking on them e.g., with shoes and bring from outside, or our pets leave on, starts to get attached to the surface part of the yarn and fiber of the Oriental Persian/ Modern state-of-the-art rug. Over the time the abrasive dirt that starts on the top can get increasingly embedded in the base of the rug. This happens because the bodyweight of people walking over the rug, or furniture weight pushes the debris and dirt down to the foundation, the very bottom layer of the rug. Consequently, these particles, and the abrasive dirt might damage the design and foundation of the rug.

How can you properly maintain your area rug?

1.Frequently dust and vacuum your antique Persian/Oriental/Chinese rugs as well as your modern area rugs.

2.Frequently vacuum your rugs

3.If you have not followed these steps the past 2 years you cannot get ahead of the process which transfers the debris to the foundation of the rug. In this case vacuuming will not help, as your vacuum cleaner cannot access the bottom layers of the Oriental/Persian or Modern area rug. Many of our customers bring us their rugs which have been cleaned by carpet cleaners before (steam cleaning for oriental rugs). Carpet cleaners surface clean rugs and the same way the vacuum cannot access the abrasive dirt in the foundation, carpet cleaners cannot access it either. Keep in mind that carpet cleaners clan the face yarn of the area rug but the cleaning does not remove the damaging abrasive dirt in the rug’s foundation.

To sum up, if you have not vacuumed and maintained your rug the past two years, or despite maintenance the high traffic embedded abrasive dirt in your rugs foundation then you need immersion cleaning. Immersion cleaning refers to our process of hand wash, where a rug is submerged in water and soap and then hand brushed to access all layers of rug fibers to remove damaging dirt in its foundation.


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