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How to fix fringe / tassel damage on Oriental & Persian rugs

The piles of Oriental & Persian area rugs, vintage rugs as well as modern rugs can unravel and be damaged for several reasons: Rug piles can unravel if any damage to the ends (fringes) and sides (sidecords /bindings) aren't promptly repaired and corrected.

Why does fringe damage/ sidecord damage occur?

Your rug and lies directly on the floor exposing it to wear, tear as well as knotting from shoes, furniture, pets and the like. Especially the fringes (tassels) of a rug are prone to wear and tear and unraveling more than the rug itself. This derives from the fact that your fringe isn’t supported by the solid and firm structure of the rest of the rug. The more the piles unravel the more likely it is that the damage to the area rug may become irreversible or more costly to restore. In any case, early intervention is imperative to keep rug repair costs down

In the case of fringe/ tassel or sidecord damage on an antique Oriental & Persian rug, professional rug repair experts have to...

1) Repair the fringe / reweave the worn fringes by re-knotting (double knot/ do gere) the damaged fringes of your Oriental & Persian rug 2) Replace the fringes of your Oriental & Persian rug (if fringes become detached from the body of the rug)

3) Sew replacement fringes/ threads into the existing worn fringes


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