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The Antique Kerman Rugs and Carpets - "a marvel to see"

There is a vast amount of different rugs in the category of Oriental and Persian area rugs.

Kerman Persian rugs (origin centered around the city and province of Kerman in Iran) are probably one of the most recognizable within the antique oriental Persian rug category. Marco Polo praised the carpets of Kerman as a “marvel to see” in 1270. Kerman rugs are characterized by their finely drawn range of geometric, floral small-scale patterns. A typical pattern for Antique Kerman Rugs and Carpets is a floral or architectural theme in the main border with a central medallion in the field.

Other patterns include the finer Lavar Kerman rug style with garden, tree-of-life, vase, and all-over mille fleur designs, or the many pictorials which tell the story of a significant figure or event in history. The carpet’s dyes (traditional red and blue) are used to create a soft and subtle tone of color in its pattern design. Kerman rugs are usually lightly dyed to bring out its elegance. The rug’s sizes are commonly 9 x 12 area rugs to 10 x 14 feet, and the area sizes commonly found range up from 4 x 6. A quality Kerman rug is something to treasure. At SoCal Rug Masters we understand and recognize the value of your rug and will provide you with the best cleaning, maintenance and repair service in Orange County (Irvine, Laguna Niguel, Santa Ana), Los Angeles, Riverside and San Diego in order to increase the longevity of your valued antique area rug.

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Antique Persian Kerman Rugs and Carpet at SoCal Rug Masters
Antique Persian Kerman Rugs and Carpet


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