What to do if your valuable rug was damaged during a water-related accident?

Water damage cleaning & restoration / repair

Accidents and natural disasters happen (e.g., flood water or accidental water runoff from a sink, water from a potted plant leaking to the antique rugs next to or under it) and damage your valuable antique Oriental & Persian or your state-of-the-art modern rugs. In such a situation, you might question if your rugs can be restored in the case of a water damage.

Hand-knotted Oriental and Persian rugs are woven by a combination of the components warps and wefts which mutually build their foundation. On rectangular rugs, wefts are running on the width of the rug (are sealed by the sidecord) while warps are running on the length of the rug (and end in the fringes which are secured by fringe double knotting). Silk, wool, viscose yarn which is woven on top and around the foundation is called pile.


Water can damage the foundation and the pile of an area rug in the following ways:

1. If your Oriental & Persian area rug stays in water for a long period of time the foundation (of wefts and warps) can be damaged or even rotten through. Brittle foundation in turn can lead to holes and tears in the rug.

2. Water can also cause molding which in turn can lead to health and respiratory issues.

3. If the yarn dyes are not stable, water can cause so-called dye-bleeding meaning that the colors of a darker yarn may bleed into the lighter color.

In any case, water needs to be extracted as soon as possible. We can hand-wash and clean your antique Oriental rug or modern area rug and repair the damage if there is any to maintain the beauty and value or your rugs.

We restore water damages for the following rug types (and others).

  • Afghan wool, silk, and viscose area rugs

  • Belgian wool, silk, and viscose area rugs

  • Chinese wool, silk, and viscose area rugs (Art Deco, Chinese Peking rugs)

  • Persian wool, silk, and viscose area rugs (Afshar, Bakhtiari, Bidjar, Ferahan, Hamadan, Heriz, Isfahan/ Esfahan, Nain, Kashan, Kerman, Kurdish, Mahal, Lillihan, Qashqai,Qum, Sarouk, Serape, Serabend, Malayer, Shiraz, Shiraz, Sultanabad, Tabriz)

  • Turkish wool, silk, and viscose area rugs (Turkish Kilim, Bergama, Usak/ Oushak, Sivas, Hereke, Yoruk

  • Indian wool, silk, and viscose area rugs (Agra, Amritsar)

  • Caucasian wool, silk, and viscose area rugs (Karabagh, Shirvan, Kazak, Soumak)

  • American wool, silk, and viscose area rugs (e.g., Karastan)

  • Moroccan wool area rugs

  • Pakistani wool, silk, and viscose area rugs

  • Tribal wool, silk, and viscose area rugs

  • Vintage wool, silk, and viscose area rugs

  • Navajo wool, silk, and viscose area rugs

  • Tapestry

  • Needle point

If you had a water accident and you are looking for a place where you can get your Oriental & Persian rug restored – SoCal Rug Masters is the right place. Give us a call today (949-522-1212) or visit our website (

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