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Where the sophisticated rug design of our logo originates from...

Many of our customers have been asking us about the source of our logo design. It originates from the border design of Heriz rugs / carpets.

The border design is one possible way to identify which region an antique Persian rug was weaved at. Rug Identification (Rug Origin and Type Identification) is an essential step before any type of rug cleaning or treatment. In the narrow sense one cannot identify an Oriental rug / carpet simply by its design. It needs a professional expert who has a trained eye in order to identify the source of an oriental rug / carpet by looking at the colors, design, material (wool rugs, mixed and silk rugs) as well as detailed hints such as the border designs and the handling of the fringes (e.g., Persian knot vs. Turkish knot) of the area rug and studying the weave.

Heriz rugs are handmade rugs from villages near the town of Herīs, lying east of Tabrīz in northwest Iran. Heriz and Tabriz rugs have similarities in design – however the smooth curves and flowing lines of a sophisticated Tabrīz medallion system are translated into hard, geometric angles and broken contours.

Heriz border design (see left marked are in the picture)