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Heriz rugs are Persian rugs from the area of Heriz/ Heris, East Azerbaijan in northwest Iran, northeast of Tabriz. Such rugs are produced in the village of the same name in the slopes of Mount Sabalan. Heriz carpets are durable and hard-wearing and they can last for generations. 19th century examples of such carpets are often found on sale by major auction houses in United States and Europe. Part of the reason for the toughness of Heriz rugs / carpets is that Mount Sabalan sits on a major deposit of copper. Traces of copper in the drinking water of sheep produces high quality wool that is far more resilient than wool from other areas. The Heris Rugs / Carpet is the only carpet in the world where stories of the Old times are woven.



Antique Heriz Rug, Camel Color Heriz Rug, 3'1"x 3'10" Wool

SKU: K-4038
  • 37" X 46"

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