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Antique Malayer Persian Rug, 5'2" x 9'6" Antique Rug, Wool Malayer Rug, Wool Rug, Distressed Wool Malayer Persian Rugs 


Malayer rugs are a type of handwoven rug that originated in the region of Malayer, situated in the Hamadan province of Iran. Malayer is a well-known weaving center in the Persian rug-producing region, and it has a rich tradition of rug-making dating back many centuries. Malayer rugs are highly regarded for their quality craftsmanship, unique designs, and durability.


Characteristics of Malayer rugs include:


  • Malayer rugs often feature intricate and diverse rug designs that combine traditional Persian motifs with more geometric elements. Common design elements include floral patterns, central medallions, and geometric borders. The patterns are usually well-balanced and beautifully proportioned.
  • The color palette of Malayer rugs is rich and varied, with jewel tones and earthy colors being common choices. Deep reds, blues, greens, and ivory are often used, and the dyes are traditionally derived from natural sources.
  • Malayer rugs are handwoven using high-quality wool for the pile, which contributes to their durability and softness. Cotton is typically used for the foundation and warp threads.
  • Malayer rugs are woven using the Persian knot (Senneh or asymmetrical knot), which provides a tight and sturdy construction. The knot density is generally high, resulting in a fine and intricate design.
  • Malayer rugs come in a variety of sizes, from small area rugs to large room-sized carpets. They are also available in different shapes, with rectangular being the most common.
  • Like many handmade rugs, Malayer rugs may exhibit abrash, which is a natural variation in color due to different dye lots or the use of handspun wool. Abrash adds character and authenticity to the rug.
  • Many Malayer rugs are treasured for their antique and vintage charm. Antique Malayer rugs from the late 19th and early 20th centuries are particularly sought after by collectors.
  • Malayer rugs' versatile designs and colors make them suitable for a wide range of interior styles, from traditional to eclectic and even modern settings.


Malayer rugs are admired for their beauty and craftsmanship and have gained popularity among rug enthusiasts and collectors worldwide. Their unique blend of traditional and more geometric designs, combined with their durability, makes them an excellent choice for adding warmth and elegance to various living spaces.


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Antique Malayer Persian Rug, 5'2" x 9'6" Rug, Wool Malayer Rug, Distressed Rug

SKU: G-3099
  • 62" x 114" - 5'2" x 9'6" 

    Rectangular  Wool Rug

    Malayer Wool Rug 

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