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This unique color wool pile on cotton foundation bokhara rug is available at our shop. This rug is 100% wool, it can be use as an entry rug ot turned into a pillow rug. the Size of the rug is 32" x 54". 


An example of the usual Bokhara rug comes in a deep shade of burgundy paired with a repeating design of octagonal patterns. These patterns are commonly dark blue, black, or brown, with ivory undertones. The shapes and tones of the patterns vary from one tribe to another.

Because of their popularity, Bokhara Rugs are constantly being crafted and remain available in a wide range of sizes. They can start as small runners rug to large palace rug / carpets. The Bokhara rugs are truly unique and add a sense of elegance to any home it becomes a part of.

Unique Color Bokhara Wool Rug, 32" x 54" 100% Wool Rug, Decorative Wool Rugs

SKU: A-3023
  • 32" x 54"

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