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Handmade wool on cotton, Tibetan, in excellent condition. 

SoCal Rug Masters has a diverse inventory of Tibetan rugs with various Tibetan rug designs e.g.,Tibetan geometric rugs, modern Tibetan area rugs, Tibetan leaves rugs, traditional Tibetan rugs, contemporary Tibetan rugs, Wangden rugs, Tibetan Tiger rugs. Tibetan rugs are known for their bold designs and superb materials. Antique Tibetan area rugs are made out of Tibetan highlands sheep wool. Typical colors of Tibetan rugs are red, blue, indigo blue, yellow and browns and greys. Tibetan rugs have mainly the following motifs: tsimple geometric motifs such as the checkerboard and gau and amulet designs.

Tibetan Rug, 8' x 10' Area Rug, Wool Rugs

SKU: K-4149
  • 96" x 123"

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