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Pakistan Red Bokhara rugs are durable with stunning designs. Among the realm of Pakistani rugs is the Bokhara a fantastic and highly original Oriental rug. Bokhara rugs were initially made by nomadic Turkmen tribes and eventually crafted in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and India. Bokhara itself was a very important trade center in Turkestan—as carpets were collected from there, they adopted the town’s moniker as their namesake.

A Royal Bokhara Oriental Rug is constructed with hand woven Persian knots. The foundation of the Pakistan Bokhara rugs is Cotton unlike Afghan Bokhara Rug. A single rug depending on the size would takes almost 5-6 months of time to be assembled from scratch.

Bokhara Oriental rugs are woven exclusively with a variety of patterns and colors. A common design incorporated into a Bokhara rug is “the elephant’s foot”. “The elephant’s foot" design is a traditional design that is executed where it is ideal, as too much of a single pattern would make any given interior look fussy and chaotic. There are other different types of Bokhara rugs. Several of them employ a zigzag margin around a row of either conjoined rhombus medallions or floral patterns in the center.

These rugs, especially those originating from Pakistan and India, can possess various tones of tan, orange, light and dark blue, green, blue, and even gold. When it comes to their appearance, Bokhara rugs tend to be exceptionally magnificent. The splendid array of colors evoked stem from dyes that are made naturally using local products and tree bark.

An example of the usual Bokhara rug comes in a deep shade of burgundy paired with a repeating design of octagonal patterns. These patterns are commonly dark blue, black, or brown, with ivory undertones. The shapes and tones of the patterns vary from one tribe to another.

Because of their popularity, Bokhara Rugs are constantly being crafted and remain available in a wide range of sizes. They can start as small runners rug to large palace rug / carpets. The Bokhara rugs are truly unique and add a sense of elegance to any home it becomes a part of.

Turkman Wool oon Cotton Door Decoration

SKU: K-4061
  • 57" X 80"

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