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Vintage 4'8" x 6'9" Bakhtari Rugs. At SoCal Rug Masters, we are passionate and dedicated to helping you find the perfect Bakhtiari rug. With our experience, a unique collection of handmade Bakhtiar rugs, and attention to detail, you will certainly find something that you love. So, whether you are looking to purchase a brand-new Bakhtiari rug or an antique piece, you won’t be disappointed with SoCal Rug Masters.



Vintage Bakhtiari Rug, Persian Wool Bakhtiar Rug, 4'8" x 6'9" Wool Red Rugs

SKU: K-4091
  • 57" x 8 3" - 4'8" x 6'9"

    Rectangualr Rug

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