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Advanced Rug Treatments, Restoration and Repairs

SoCal Rug Masters is not only known for the best rug cleaning in Orange County, Los Angeles, Redlands, San Diego and throughout Southern California.

In addition to our thorough rug cleaning process, we offer several special rug repair and restoration services for Oriental & Persian as well as modern area rugs/carpets!

Stain Protection and Moth Treatment: 

We offer high-grade stain protection treatments to prevent future excessive soiling and staining
(it also makes your rugs much easier to vacuum effectively).


We also provide a specialist moth treatment that eliminates moths (and their eggs). We can also apply a very effective repellent that will prevent further infestations.

Dye Bleed Correction: 

There are occasions where the dyes within a rug may bleed and the colors run into the surrounding fibers. This can be caused during a rug cleaning process due to unstable dyes, and often from a flood or hot spillage. Pet urine can also cause dye bleed in rugs by destabilizing the dyes.


We offer an effective dye bleed correction service that can remedy this cleaning related issue.

Fine Rug Color Restoration

(Re-dying & color correction)

Although beautiful and often expensive pieces of art, handmade antique Oriental and Persian rugs can be susceptible to sun damage (fading).

We are one of the very few companies in the U.S.A. who are able to restore your faded rugs with our bespoke airbrush equipment, saving considerable expense when compared to purchasing a replacement rug of comparable quality. Indeed, we are not only providing local services. SoCalRugMasters is now accepting rugs from customers throughout the U.S.A. who wish to restore the original color of their treasured area rugs.

Wool and silk rugs are made from fibers that have already been dyed prior to being woven into the rug laying on your floor.  The re-coloring process is performed by a fully trained and experienced technician, the result is permanent, colorfast and safe – and will restore your rug to its exact original color.

Our rug re-coloring/re-dyeing process can remove stains that would often otherwise be permanent, such as from urine, bleach and wine.


Re-weaving Damaged Rug Fibers: 


We also offer a re-weaving/ fringe repair service for rugs with damaged fibres and ‘bald’ patches’; often caused due to ageing, pets gnawing or scratching away at a rug, or by moths.


This is very much a hands-on process that requires plenty of patience and experience (see image below of the repair of an antique Persian rug).

Rug Resizing, Rug binding and Rug serging

To fix worn and frayed edges of your antique and Oriental area rugs our experts can bind the edges (side-binding, cotton canvas binding). Binding refers to using binding tape folded over the edge of a rug which is stitched on with a binding machine. Our experts try to match the colors close to the main color of the rug, so the bound edge perfectly blends in without standing out.  Binding creates a more tailored look with a nice classic and elegant finish for an area rug. Another method to fix the outermost areas of a rug is serging. Serging refers to the process where our craftsmen wrap a thick yarn continuously around the edge of an antique Oriental or modern rug. Serging the edge of an area rug produces a look similar to a hand-sewn sidecord, even though it’s mostly done by a heavy sewing machine, like binding.

However, for some traditional Oriental and Persian rugs customers select our hand-serging (Shiraze) service to maintain the initial look of the area rug.

If you are looking for experienced rug cleaners and restoration experts in OC, LA., San Diego and Redlands: We offer Free Rug Cleaning & Repair Inspection 

Contact us for any questions you might have such as the following:

  • How much does it cost to clean and repair an Oriental or modern area rug?

  • How to repair fringes of an Oriental area rug?

  • How to repair moth damaged Oriental and antique area rugs?

  • Rug resizing near me?

  • Area rug cleaning pick up and delivery near me? Rug alterations near me?

Our services are 100% insured and guaranteed. Our brand promise is to provide customized rug cleaning, rug repair & restoration  to the highest satisfaction of our customers. If you are not happy with the service, we will re-clean it for FREE!

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