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This 8'x10' wool handmdae pakistani rug is made with fine wool. The rug design is compatable with modern homes. 


Regions of what is Pakistan today have been making hand-knotted oriental rugs for about 500 years. Today Pakistan produces a wide variety of high-quality rug designs and weaves, primarily composed of wool for the pile and cotton for the warp and weft. Two main types of weaves are used: the Ghiordes knot and the Senneh knot. These are locally referred to as the single knot and the double knot respectively. Rugs with the Senneh or double knot weave generally, though not always, have higher knot counts and are denser/heavier rugs despite having greater intricacy in their patterns, which tend to be curvilinear. Although single knot rugs are also made with curvilinear patterns, most Pakistani single knot rugs are geometric such as Bokhara rugs, Jaldar Rugs, and Caucasian designed rugs. Today many rugs produced in Pakistan are also woven by Afghan weavers. Here are the description of some of the rugs that are been made in Pakistan today.

Pak Persian: Persian-inspired curvilinear and/or floral designs, usually styled from old Kashan, Kirman, Isfahan, Tabriz, Hunting, Tree of Life, Mahal and Sultanabad rugs. Woven with Senneh (Persian) knot.

Jaldar: Inspired from traditional Sarouk and Yamud designs that originated in Pakistan; it employs diamond-shaped gul motif repeated in rows. woven with Ghiordes knot.

Pak Gabbeh: A Pak Gabbeh is very similar in character to Persian Gabbeh and has modern contemporary designs. Normally woven with handspun wool and vegetable with both Senneh and Ghiordes knot.

Chobi: Often referred as Ziegler, Oushak or Peshawar, Chobi rugs employ handspun wool and natural dyes. Floral patterns and usually woven with Senneh knot in Pakistan.

Caucasian: Traditional geometric design of Caucasus. Ghiordes knot.

Shal: Derived from traditional shawl designs of old Persia.

Lahore: Lahore became a prominent weaving center during the time of British rule, and they furthered the traditional weaving through various means including weaving rugs in Lahore's jail. Most of the rugs produced at that time are commonly referred as Lahore rugs.

Dhurrie: Dhurrie is a type of flat-woven rug traditionally woven with wool and cotton in most parts of Pakistan.

Hand-knotted Wool Rug, 6' x 9' Wool Area Rug, Wool Rug

SKU: K-6003
  • 96" x 116"


    8' x 10'

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