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This Rug is in great condition with even pile. The size of the rug is 10'1" x 13'6" made with high quality wool and cotton. Perfect living room or bed room rug. 


Where to buy Antique Mahal Rug and Mahal Rug

Mahal rugs make the perfect decoration to complete interior space. Their intricate patterning and vibrant colors make a statement that many modern-day rugs cannot compete with. The long-lasting durability and their timeless beauty bring a unique personality, warmth, and character to any room.


SoCal Rug Masters offers a variety of high-quality antique Mahal rugs ranging from traditional Persian Mahal rugs to fine-weaved Mahal.

Whether you are looking for a vintage Mahal rug to add a classic feel to your home, or an antique wash Mahal rug to give your space an updated modern look - SoCal Rug Masters offers a full collection of unique hand-crafted pieces from Persia, Iran. Every item is carefully selected to fulfill any design needs.



Vintage Mahal Wool Rug, 10'1" x 13'6" Wool Mahal Rug, Persian Wool Rug

SKU: G-3088
  • 121"x 163" -  10'1"x 13'6" 


    Rectangular Wool Rug 

    Vintage Mahal Persian Rug



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