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Vintage Tabriz rug, 7'3" x 10'4" wool area rug.


Tabriz Fine Persian Handmade Rugs care:


Persian Tabriz Handmade rugs are crafted with the finest wool, they are exceptionally durable and require minimal care.

Regular vacuuming and professional cleaning according to the use (every 3 to 4 years).

Vacuum weekly on a moderate setting in the direction of the pile.

If your vacuum has a beater, avoid vacuuming the fringes which can entangle into the beater.

Treat animal accidents as soon as possible. Wet with cold water, and dab with a clean cloth.

Air dry slowly and completely with fans.

Never treat any stain with bleach or a solution made for carpets.

Turn your rugs every year to avoid wear patterns.

Use coasters under heavy furniture.

Use only natural rubber or felt as padding under rugs.

In case of loss threads, cut the loss thread using scissors.

Vintage Tabriz Wool Rug, 7'3" x 10'4" Wool Tabriz Rug, Distressed Rug

SKU: G-3073
  • 88"x 124" -  7'3"x 10'4" 


    Rectangular Wool Rug 

    Vintage Tabriz Persian Rug

    Wool Rug



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