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Step 5 of 10: Wash Pit Rug Clean (incl. stain removal)

All rugs are assessed for color fastness and shrinkage before entering our wash pit.

Our bespoke wash pit enables us to submerge and flush your rug in clean water to remove dirt and soil before applying a gentle rug cleaning solution and working it into the fibers – front and back. Depending on the composition of your rug, we may use a machine that will agitate the surface of your rug with specific rug cleaning brushes.

After this, we continue to flush your rug, using a water wand and roller until the water runs crystal clear and no hint of soiling remains.


Then we get to work on the fringes; using a small brush, we massage the rug cleaning solution into the fringe, detangling as we go – before thoroughly flushing the fringe and removing excess moisture.

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